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Welcome to our EZY Garden Products.

We pride our selves on being Victorian owned and operated and offering quality products made from one of Australia's most robust materials.



Our Customers latest pics

* Please email your photos of your garden beds, we love to see what our customers are doing!


See our raised garden beds at the Geelong Botanic Gardens!

Paton Industries have donated several garden beds to our friends at the Geelong Botanic Gardens.

They have been placed in the edible garden display and have been planted with wonderful crops of various vegetable from a variety of countries. The horticulturists at the gardens are big fans of growing crops in raised garden beds ( see the fact sheet ).

This edible garden display will be visited by various groups and school excursions to be shown how to grow your own edible and sustainable garden. Go and have a look and feel free to talk to the staff about raised beds.