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EZY Garden Compost Bay


EZY Garden Compost Bay

Our corrugated galvanised iron formed steel compost bay is made with protective flashing. This allows one of the most important products in your garden to sturdy, durable and attractive.

 Composting is one of the best eco-friendly acts we can do as gardeners. Don’t let your valuable organic waste be put out for landfill, use it to enrich your garden, produce magnificent plants and vegetables, save money and show your children how easy and fun it can be  watching nature work.

  • Easy access for wheel barrows
  • Walk in  to turn your compost, no more bending over side walls
  • Easily relocated for maximising  seasonal sun and shade
  • Attractive design
  • Metal walls help keep the heat in your compost
  • No assembly, simply 2 pegs is all it takes

Some compost techniques and recipes...

Jane Edmondson's compost recipe